Source code for api.balance

import requests
from .auth import MpesaBase

[docs]class Balance(MpesaBase): def __init__( self, env="sandbox", app_key=None, app_secret=None, sandbox_url="", live_url="", ): MpesaBase.__init__(self, env, app_key, app_secret, sandbox_url, live_url) self.authentication_token = self.authenticate()
[docs] def get_balance( self, initiator=None, security_credential=None, command_id=None, party_a=None, identifier_type=None, remarks=None, queue_timeout_url=None, result_url=None, ): """This method uses Mpesa's Account Balance API to to enquire the balance on an M-Pesa BuyGoods (Till Number). **Args:** - `initiator` (str): Username used to authenticate the transaction. - `security_credential` (str): Generate from developer portal. - `command_id` (str): AccountBalance. - `party_a` (int): Till number being queried. - `identifier_type` (int): Type of organization receiving the transaction. Options: 1 - MSISDN 2 - Till Number 4 - Organization short code - `remarks` (str): Comments that are sent along with the transaction(maximum 100 characters). - `queue_timeout_url` (str): The url that handles information of timed out transactions. - `result_url` (str): The url that receives results from M-Pesa api call. **Returns:** - `OriginatorConverstionID` (str): The unique request ID for tracking a transaction. - `ConversationID` (str): The unique request ID returned by mpesa for each request made - `ResponseDescription` (str): Response Description message """ payload = { "Initiator": initiator, "SecurityCredential": security_credential, "CommandID": command_id, "PartyA": party_a, "IdentifierType": identifier_type, "Remarks": remarks, "QueueTimeOutURL": queue_timeout_url, "ResultURL": result_url, } headers = { "Authorization": "Bearer {0}".format(self.authentication_token), "Content-Type": "application/json", } if self.env == "production": base_safaricom_url = self.live_url else: base_safaricom_url = self.sandbox_url saf_url = "{0}{1}".format( base_safaricom_url, "/mpesa/accountbalance/v1/query") try: r =, headers=headers, json=payload) except Exception as e: r =, headers=headers, json=payload, verify=False) return r.json()